40th Birthday Card Printable

40th Birthday Card
40th Birthday Card

40th Birthday Card Jokes, Quotes and Messages

Message 1 (funny) - From birth to age eighteen, a girl needs good parents. From eighteen to thirty, she needs good looks. From thirty to forty, she needs a good personality. From forty on, she needs good cash.

Message 2 (poem)- For you this birthday ought to be a sun. Overriding all the other stars. Rarely have I seen resolve like yours, Touching with your gentle laugh the scars Yielded in the battles you have won.

Message 3 (funny) - Its just 25 with 15 years experience. Happy Birthday!

Message 4 (funny) - Don't worry about approaching middle-age... think of it as a second chance at adolescence... with a job! Wishing you a wonderful 40th year!

Message 5 (funny) - There's worse things than turning 40! Happy Birthday!

Message 6 (funny) – Life begins at 40 so it's time to party again!!!

Message 7 (funny) - 40 Today! You know you're getting older when you wake up with that dreadful morning after feeling... and you didn't do anything the night before! Happy 40th Birthday!

Message 8 (quotation) - 40 Today! Did you know there's something very special attached to this particular birthday card... ...it's the person holding it! Have a brilliant 40th Birthday!

Message 9 (quotation) - And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.

Message 10 (funny) - My friend, now that you're 40 Don't start to dye your hair Don't think of having face lifts. And don't change the clothes you wear. Don't modify your language. Don't rebel and cause outrage. Decide to do the decent thing... Just lie about your age!

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