4th Birthday Card Printable

4th Birthday Card
4th Birthday Card

4th Birthday Card Messages

Message 1 - Wishing you a Happy Birthday and many more to come.

Message 2 - Have some cake and some more. Because today you are four!!! Happy Birthday.

Message 3 – I can't believe you're four already! Wow! Have fun on your special day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Message 4 - Wishing you lots of cuddles and hugs on your birthday!

Message 5 - To the loudest person, In all of the land, May your birthday be happy and grand!!!

Message 6 - You're One year older, One year bigger, One year nicer, too, And it's so very nice to send a great-big wish to you! Have Birthday Fun!

Message 6 - Hope your birthday is filled with smiles and fun.

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