5th Birthday Card

5th Birthday Card
5th birthday card

Insert one of these creative 5th birthday card messages into your card by copying the text from this page and then pasting it into the application on the next page.

1. Message -

Let’s count together!
One to two,
Two to three,
Three to four,
Four to FIVE.
Happy 5th birthday!

2. Saying -

We count our fingers,
The points of the star,
The weekdays we spend together,
The toes on our feet,
And the years that have past.

3. Message (fun) -

Laughing around,
Jumping in the mud,
and playing pretend.
Hurray! It’s your fifth birthday.

4. Funny -

Five little candles
Shimmering on your cake,
How many breaths is it going to take?
Five? Maybe ten!
Oh dear, it seems that one was plenty!

5. Message (nice) -

You’re taller, smarter, braver, stronger
and more charming than ever. Happy fifth birthday!

6. Message (nice) -

It’s such a joy being with you! Here’s a high five! Happy fifth birthday!

7. Poem -
You’re such a darling young person
Filled with vigor and zest,
And I’m wishing you all the best.
Now that you’re five
And cute as ever,
Here’s a gift
I hope you’ll remember forever.

High five! Happy birthday!