Barney Party Ideas

Check out these great Barney Party Ideas and Games to play at your next Barney Birthday Party!

1) Invite the kids to form a line which will become the great Barney Train. The leader picks a song to sing and the others have to join in. If it takes too long or the song finishes the next one is become the leader and the last one goes to the back.

2) Invite the kids to paint or draw Pictures of Barney on a big sheet of butchers paper. The kids can draw dinosaurs, Barney's friends or birthday items.

3) Barney loves to try new clothes. Get the kids to form a circle. You should make a bag with different costume outfits inside. Play some music while the kids pass around the bag. When the music stops, the child must reach into the bag and then wear the item of clothing. The game finishes when all the pieces of clothing are gone. Afterwards you can have a Barney Fashion Parade with all the silly costumes.

4) Barney Loves to Laugh and have fun. Get the kids to sit in a circle and select someone to be Barney. Barney then has to choose someone to make laugh and kneel in front of them. He can make a funny face, or say something funny - maybe pretend to be Barney. If the child laughs he will become the new Barney. Remember everyone should get a turn.

5) Try to find some purple string if possible. Cut the sting, so that there is one for each guest, the strings should be quite long. On one end of each string attach a toy. Before the game commences, hide the toys in the house, in a drawer or under furniture etc. and have all the strings meet at one room, each with a guests name on it. The child will then have to Follow the Purple Trail to find their surprise.

We also have a great Barney Birthday Card that you can print for free and give to your friend or family. Click on the card to view the printable pdf and see some great Barney Birthday Sayings and Messages!

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