Baseball Birthday Card

Below are some message suggestions for this baseball birthday card.

1. Message (Sentimental) - Life is full of misses and hits. Sometimes you make it, sometimes you don’t. Sometimes, you hit the biggest home run in your life, but there is no better feeling in the world than waking up the next morning and having to play again. Life is like that, every day is a new chance, a new day, a new game, another chance to make it matter. Happy birthday!

2. Poem (Cute) -

Four bases,
One bat,
The gloves are scorching
In anticipation, the swing,
The hit, the run.

You made it! Happy Birthday!

3. Wishes (Funny) - I hope that you will hit a big one today! Happy home run!

4. Wishes (Inspirational) - Life’s a game; I hope you have a great one. Swing or miss, you’ll always be my number one.

5. Message (Sentimental) - On your birthday, I hope to see you swing that bat, hit a homer, go for home and make it. Life’s a game; make the best out of it.