Batman Party Game Ideas

Here are some great Batman Party Game Ideas to play at your Batman Birthday Party.

1) Play the Chocolate Cut Party Game but make the dress up a clothes a batman suit instead.

2) Create a Batman Obstacle Course. Use a stop watch to see is the fastest person.

3) Hide some bad guy toys... or army men etc in the backyard. The aim of the game is for the kids to Find the Bad Guys and return them to the police. When they get them back to the police they can receive their rewards - either candy or small toys.

4 Batman has a Secret Identity. Get the kids to form a circle. You should make a bag with different secret identity outfits inside. Play some music while the kids pass around the bag. When the music stops, the child must reach into the bag and then wear the item of clothing. The game finishes when all the pieces of clothing are gone. Afterwards you can take some photos of their new secret identities.

5) Invite the kids to play a game of Bad Guy Tag. Nominate 2 people as the bad guys. and 2 as batman and robin. Batman and Robin can free the city people by crawling under their legs, after they have been tagges by the bad guys.

Here are 2 Free Batman Birthday Cards that you can give someone for their birthday. Click on the cards for a printable version of each card and to see some great Batman Birthday sayings, messages and quotes!

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