Belated Birthday Sayings

Listed below is a compilation of the best belated birthday sayings on the web!

1) 1.The wrinkle fairy. 2. Father time. 3. Me. That’s the list of all the people who forgot it was your birthday.

2) My heart works better than my head when remembering you birthday. Sorry. I hope it was happy!

3) A little bird told me you were having a birthday. He just told me a little late.

4) This message is arriving a little late. But one thing is certainly true. Best wishes are always in order for someone as special as you.

5) Happy Birthday – a little late, I know. Would you believe that the card took the scenic route? Have a great year!

6) I missed your birthday and I feel empty inside. I don’t suppose you have any cake left.

7) Missed the day. But my best wishes are forever!

8) Roses are red, violets are blue, sorry the wishes are so overdue.

9) Sorry the birthday card is a little late. There’s a weak link in the postal system… Me…

10) The birthday card isn’t on time. But its not my fault. I’m an early person trapped in a late persons body.

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