Birthday Party Plans


1 Plan well and have a theme (pirates for kids, mad hatters for adults or a geriatric Party! - old dressing gowns, powder in the hair, wheelchair and walking stick!!

Themes are fun and require a good idea. For example have a P party or S party. Have a second hand party where your guests dress up with op shop finds. A Formal party with elegant attire. A MASK party (fun for all ages) Celebrities Party; Seventies party' Host your Murder party.

2 Keep to a budget. Work out sensibly how much you can afford and try to stick to that. Ask a few friends to contribute party items.

3 Clean the house or space and make it welcoming and friendly.

4 Decorations! Plenty of novelty trimmings to surprise your guests.

5 A Color theme is nice. Black and white; All red. Rainbow etc

6 Prepare food in advance. Keep it simple but try a few new recipes. Have platters made up and refrigerated.

7 Music - know your party guests and theme, so choose the best music.

8 Games - it depends on the age of your guests. If you have a small party of 10 friends, then guessing the use of an object as it is passed around the group is great fun. All sorts of crazy, fun imaginative answers can keep your guests entertained. Out in the back yard, scavenger hunts are good. LIMBO dancing is fun with a hose or long stick. PHOTO memory guessing game. Quizzes and eating chocolate with a knife and fork.

9 Have some help. You may like to plan and organize your event, but it makes sense to have a friend help too.

10 Clean up - it's good practice and makes you feel better the next morning. NOW if you get to bed at 2am and there are bottle everywhere and plates of food etc, then tackle the cleaning with good humor and the satisfaction that your guests enjoyed the night before. You can reflect about how good your party went so that you can plan your next one.

Birthday party plans written by Margaret Gibbs

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