Blind Guess Party Game

Materials: Something to use as a blindfold

Instructions: The leader is blindfolded and placed in the middle of the room. The players choose their places at any piece of furniture (at the chair, table, sofa etc). After being rotated a few times the "blind man" starts his search. The players try not to be touched by him but they must not leave their places. The are only allowed to squat, bow, hide behind, climb on to their pieces of furniture etc but should still be connected to it physically even if only by their fingers or toes. Those who come off their places are out. If the blind man manages to touch a player, he must also recognize him or her. If the 'blind man' makes a mistake in identifying the person, all the rest clap their hands and the game goes on If he is correct, the player who is caught become the new 'blind man.'

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