Bratz Birthday Party Ideas

Below are some terrific Bratz Birthday Party Ideas and games for your Bratz Birthday Party. Feel free to add your own ideas in the text box at the bottom of the page.

1) Get a purse or handbag and fill it with soft toys i.e bratz, jewelry, lip gloss cell phone, hair comb etc, about 20 items in total. Make teams of two. Each team is to reach into the bag with their blindfolds on. They then have to go back and write down as many objects as they can remember in the bag. The winners are the ones who guess the most right.

2) Play some fun music with your stereo and do a limbo challenge, where the contestants have to bend over backwards to go under a stick.

3) Have a super stylist contest. Get the girls into teams of 2, one being the stylist and the other, the star. Each team is given 15 minutes and all the make up you can make available to make their star as beautiful as possible. Make sure you take photographs of everyone and have a fashion parade.

4) Play some music, when the kids are in a circle. The kids will pass around a real or fake microphone. When the music stops, the person with the microphone in their hands has to sing a song chosen by you. Play the game until everyone has had a turn.

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