Brothers Birthday Card

Brothers Birthday Card

Suitable messages for this brothers birthday card are found below. The card above is free and printable. When you are about to edit the text inside the card, you may want to add one of the messages, words, quotes, poems from our recommended selection below.

1. Funny - If there was one person who I wish could be as cool as me, it's you Brother!

2. Short Poem - Brother, oh Brother, here art thou??? You're not only my Brother buy my favorite Pal!!!

3. Message - I'll keep this short and sweet bro. Best wishes from your older, wiser Brother.

4. Nice Message - I might not have achieved so much in life had it not been for you brother. All the best for the year ahead. Here's wishing you many good times for us both!

5. Sentimental - When we are born, we come somewhat into the world alone. But it is family that enables us to survive well beyond our means. I'm glad I've shared this journey with you brother and I would be a far cry from the person I am today if it wasn't for you.

6. Beer - What's up Bro! Hope kickin' back and enjoying afew cold brews (beers) well into the night! Sink 'em quickly!

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