Cars Party Ideas

You'll find heaps of crazy Cars party ideas below, click on the links for some more great cars party games.

1) Try to find some black string if possible. Cut the sting, so that there is one for each guest, the strings should be quite long. On one end of each string attach a toy. Before the game commences, hide the toys in the house, in a drawer or under furniture etc. and have all the strings meet at one room, each with a guests name on it. The child will then have to Find their way to the Piston Cup Championship to find their surprise. The game works best if the stings are wrapped around furniture or over things that they will need to climb over. Each kid could call out 'I won' when they find their prize.

2) - You will need some large paper or cardboard sheets. On each sheet of cardboard - write the name of one the characters from the movie - Lightning McQueen, Sally, Clunk, Doc Hudson, Guido, Mack, Clink, Ramone, Lizzie, Mater, Filmore, Sarge, Chick Hicks, Bob Cutlass and The King. Play some racing car music and when the music stops the kids have to choose a 'Character' (a cardboard sheet) that they want to ride in. They should stand on the cardboard character they choose. Pick a name from the hat or trophy cup(from the list of characters). That character is now out of the race. The kids who are riding with that character are out, and you should remove that cardboard sheet. The game continues until you have the race winner and the Winning Team of Race Car Drivers.

3) - Create a Race Course Obstacle Course. Either at home or at a park. Use a stop watch to time each contestant.

Here is a Cars Birthday Card you can print off your computer. Click on the image to go to the printable version and pick your cars birthday message.

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