Cat Birthday Party Ideas

Here we have some Cat Birthday Party Ideas you might like to try at your Cat Birthday Part. There are heaps of other ideas to found on this site... so just click around on the links to find what you're looking for!

1)Invite the kids to make some cat tails and ears, with fabric, cardboard and felt tip pens. If you have a furry material it is more effective. Attach the ails to their clothes with safety ins. You can face paint their faces with cat features as well. They will all look like cats!

2) Invite the kids to sit in a circle and select someone to be the Pet Owner. The Pet owner then chooses a player to be the Silly Pussy Cat and should sit in front of that child. The Pet owner has to try and make the pussy cat laugh, by pretending to be a cat, mewing and purring, telling them they are silly lil pussy cat (no tickling) . If the child laughs he will become the new Pet Owner. Remember everyone should get a turn.

You can click any of these cat birthday cards to print at home from your printer absolutely free. There are some fantastic messages and sayings to choose from to.

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