Dinosaur Party Ideas

Check out the list below for some fabulous Dinosaur Party Ideas and games.

1) Form the kids into a line. Each person should hold onto the waist of the person in front of them. The person at the front is the head of the dinosaur, and the last person is the tail. The aim of the game is for the head to Catch the Tail of the Dinosaur. If the head is successful, they will become the new tail.

2) Make a Dinosaur Cave Mural, using a large white sheet of paper, crayons and pens or paints.

3) You will need to organize this one several weeks before the party. Ask your local butcher for some discarded bones. You should clean them, let them dry and then paint them white. You can hide them in the yard in the sandbox or around the yard with some clues leading to the excavation area. Each kids should have a chance to Dig for a Dinosaur Bone.

4) Play a game of Dinosaur Egg Hunt with chocolate Easter eggs.

5) Hold a dinosaur eating contest. You can make a bowl of cereal that the children feast up on. The fastest Cereal-o-saurous is the winner.

Dino Birthday Cards - Below you will find 2 Dinosaur birthday cards to select and print for free:

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