Dog Themed Party

Look below for some great games and ideas for a Dog Themed Party.

1) You could hold a Best Bark Contest and give prizes for the loudest, most realistic, funniest, scariest etc.

2) Use some newspaper wrapped in plastic - this will be the bone. Make one bone for each player. Make 2 teams, and put the news papers about 5 meters from a starting line. Each person from the team must go, 1 person at a time on all fours to go Fetch the Bones and bring them back to the group. The fist team back are the winners.

3 If you can get hold of a large refrigerator box from an appliance store, then you can make a Dog House for the kids to decorate and play in.

4) Play a game of Simon Says, but turn it into an Obedience School for Dogs. Instead of Simon says, you can use 'Owner says'. An example of some commands are - Play dead, scratch your ear, sit, jump, lick your right paw etc. If the leader does not say 'Owner says, before a command, and a player performs that command. That player is out. The winner is the most obedient dog.

Dog Birthday Cards Look below and you will find 2 Dog Birthday Cards you might want to print for the occasion.

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