Dora the Explorer Birthday Card

1. Poem: Inspirational -

When you feel
The weather is against
The gravity of your adventure,
Hold my hand,
Take a deep breath and you will see
That all you need
Is a friend in me.

Happy birthday!

2. Message: cute - Hello friend! Wanna come on an adventure? Here’s a special place for you in my adventure truck! Happy birthday!

3. Wish: cute -
Wishing you the most adventurous, fun and exciting birthday! My friends and I have prepared a very special gift for a very special adventurer; I hope you’ll like it!

4. Message: cute - Hey there! You’ve grown older, tougher, stronger, taller and more charming than ever! I bet you’ll be ready for a new adventure! Happy birthday!

5. Poem: inspirational -
Life is not a race,
But a journey where
Discovery is learning from failures,
And triumph is standing up
Each time you fall.
Life can be rough,
But we can be tougher.

Happy Birthday!