Elmo Birthday Card Printable

Elmo Birthday Card Messages, Poems and Quotes

Message 1 - Have a Happy Birthday from your favorite red, furry friend.

Message 2 - May your life be like ELMO. E is for Energy. L is for loved. M is for Motivation and O is for Overjoyed Moments.

Message 3 - HEE HEE HEE WHOO WHOO - Elmo loves Birthdays. Elmo wishes you be the best day ever.

Message 4 - Hehehe that tickles.

Message 5 - When Elmo isn`t ticklish, and Pooh Bear hates honey,when Tigger stops bouncing, and Goofy isn`t funny. When Peter Pan can`t fly, and Simba never roars, when Alice in Wonderland can`t fit through tiny little doors. When Dumbo`s ears are small, and happily ever after isn`t true... That`s when i`ll stop loving you.

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