Fairy Party Ideas

See these fantastic fairy party ideas below. Don't forget to add you own ideas before and after the party.

1) A nice way to end a fairy party is to tell a well known fairy tale with the guests in a circle. Instead of the normal ending to the story have all the guests add new part to the story. The girls will have fun dreaming up all the ideas that could happen in the story.

2) Invite the guest to make flower necklaces or beaded necklaces for a fairy princess.

3) Face paint or give a 'fairy make over' to the girls.

4) A Fairy Magic Trick - Try this one before the party.. so you can test if it works out well. Find five pennies with different dates. Decorate the small bag to be a fairy bag. Ask the guests to get a penny from the bag, and have them all look at the date... except for the magician. After everyone else has seen the date, but it back in the bag. The magician zaps the bag with a fairy wand then reaches into the bag to find the chosen penny. They will know the correct penny because it will be warm from the touch of everyones hands. The kids will be astounded!

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