Finding Nemo Birthday Party Ideas

Your Birthday can be a lot of fun if you do the correct planning. That's why have gathered many Finding Nemo Birthday Party Ideas and games to choose from to make your party a success!

1) Make fish shaped name tags for each guest. If you want you can use a magnets to make a game of fishing for your name tag.

2) Play the game of Duck, Duck, Goose, but change it to Fish, Fish, Shark!

3) The children can make waves in a bottle, by putting cooking oil, glitter, confetti and green/blue food coloring and water into a bottle. A good idea is to use rubber cement glue to seal the lid on, in case the kids want to open it later and spill the contents. Have a test run before the party.

4) A child stands in the middle of a field as the Octopus. All the the other players are fish and have to run past the Octopus. If the fish is tagged they have to hold the hands of the Octopus making one big line or Octopus tentacle. The last fish alive is the winner!

5) If you have a sandbox, you can hide different items in the sand and make the guests try to find them. e.g shells, rocks, plastic fish toys etc.

6) If you can find some water pistols. You can get the kids to take aim on some plastic bottles - to see who can knock the most down.

7) Take a Finding Nemo Trip Underwater on an Aquarium tour.

8) Get the kids into a circle, and label each one either a whale, shark or turtle in order. When you call he name of the underwater animal, that means they have to walk around the circle and listen to your instructions.

Sea is Rough - they must jog around the circle

Getting Rougher - they must jog faster

The tide turns - They must change their direction.

Storm - They must run back to their places.

The last one to get back is out, and has to sit facing the other way. You can make it more fun by calling out 2 groups at once.

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