Harry Potter Party Ideas

Invite the kids to try some of these Harry Potter party ideas below. Good luck with the party!

1) A nice idea for a Harry Potter Party is to make your own sorting hat. Each kid will wear it as they enter the party. Get someone to pick what team they are in: either Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor or Slytherin. You can use these teams for games etc. But for even more fun, reward kids with points for doing certain tasks. Throughout the day add new points to the score board. If a team wins a game they get some points. Points for co-operation. Points for being extra nice to the birthday person and or the parents. Points for best costume etc. At the end of the day, tally up the points to see which house is the winner.

2) A Harry Potter Magic Trick - Test this one before the party. Find 5 pennies with different dates. Make a wizards hat or bag. Ask the guests to get a penny from the bag, and have them all look at the date... except for the magician. After everyone else has seen the date, but it back in the bag. The magician uses a spell dumbelly doom-pity doom and then reaches into the bag to find the chosen penny. They will know the correct penny because the penny everyone has handled will be warm. The kids will be amazed!

3) Find some invisible ink from a party store and have the kids perform magic writing. You could also incorporate it into a treasure hunt game, where a secret message is written for the clue to the next location.

4) Invite the kids to play a game of Quidditch World Cup using a balloon. Click here for the game instructions

5) Invite the kids to make their wizard hats, wands etc. Balloon Hockey Party Game

We hope you have found these Harry Potter party ideas Useful! Have a great Party!

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