Hello Kitty Birthday Party Ideas

Take a look below at these fantastic Hello Kitty Birthday Ideas you could add to your party!

1) Hello Kitty's twin is called Mimmy. You can give out pictures or a card with the name of each of Hello Kitty's friends. Make sure there is 2 of each character i.e 2 monkeys, 2 raccoons, 2 bears, 2 squirrels. When the game begins, have the kids "Find their Twin" by acting like the animal on their card. The kids are not allowed to talk they are only allowed to make noises and actions. When they find their twin, they must sit down immediately. You can play this game a few times if you think it works well.

2) Get a big picture of Hello Kitty so the kids can color it in. If you can't find one - try drawing one... Hello Kitty is an easy character to draw.

3) You could organize some Hello Kitty Dress up activities.

4) You could play pin the tail on the donkey, but change it to 'Pin the Bow on Hello Kitty.' Click here for instructions Pin the Bow on Hello Kitty!

You might like to give a Hello Kitty Birthday Card to the birthday boy or girl. Click on the card below to view and print.

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