Ice Hockey Birthday Card

1. Poem: inspirational -

Like a good hockey player,
You taught me to play
Where the puck is, to swing
And not miss, to glide
In the face of adversity,
With zest and much gusto.

Happy birthday, buddy.

2. Message: cute - Hey there champ, you’re looking sharp! Way to swing that hockey stick. Happy birthday!

3. Wish: cute - Hey there hockey buddy, I’m wishing you a happy birthday! I hope to see you swinging that hockey stick and hit a gamer!

4. Poem: cute -
Glide, go for the open,
Then rotate, then
Wait for the pass,
Steady your grip,
Aim for the goal –
One-two, swing!

Happy birthday champ!

5. Message: inspirational - No matter how many times you swung and missed, that one, important shot you make will decide the difference. Life’s a game, play it right. Happy birthday hockey buddy!