Karate Kid Birthday Card

1. Poem: inspirational -

Don't worry about the weight
Of the adversities that burden you.
Remember you do not need to be
The strongest in the world.
All you need...
Is a friend like me.
Happy birthday!

2. Message: cute - Hey there karate kid! It’s your birthday, have a break, eat some cake, we’ll get to the bad guys later.

3. Wish: cute - I wish for you my karate kid a lifetime of adventures, and lessons unfolding as you traverse the arduous paths that life brings you. Happy birthday!

4. Poem: cute - You age, grow strong, and realize
Another adventurous year has passed.
Happy birthday!

5. Wish: cute - Hey there karate kid! Hope the bad guys don’t come crashing your party. But if they do, they’ll have to deal with the karate squad first! Happy birthday!