Murder Mystery Party Game

Instructions - Put slips of paper into a hat (the number of papers should be the same as the number of guests). Have your party guests each choose one slip of paper; they should not show it to anyone else. Each slip of paper will be black with the exception of one that says "Murderer." The guest with the piece of paper with "Murderer" on it has to walk around the party and "kill" people by winking at them. As soon as one of the guests is winked at, he/she has to count to three and then fall on the floor. If someone knows who the murderer is, they have to say "Stop! I know who the Murderer is." If the accuser is wrong, the he/she is "dead" and out of the game. If the accuser is correct, then the game is over, and he/she is the winner. Once you are dead you should not tell anyone who is the murderer. The game can be lots of fun if people make dying sounds as they fall to the ground.