Pirate Party Ideas

1) Play pin the tail on the donkey but instead use an X that marks the spot on a treasure map. Clcik here for the game rules

Arr Me Hearties... Your Pirate Party Ideas are listed below.

2) Get the kids to blow up a balloon each if they can. They should then write their name on their balloon. When the game begins players should hit their own balloon in the air, and follow it around (probably best outside) while trying to keep their floating pirate ship (their balloon) from sinking to the ground. If their ship sinks, they are out of the game til next time. The one who can keep their balloon up is the Master Pirate.

3) Play a game of guess the amount of loot in the jar. You can fill a jar of with jelly beans or chocolate coins, which the kids have to guess how many coins there are. They are allowed 3 guesses each, and should write their guess on a piece of paper.

4) Invite the children to make their own eye patches, using colored card board and elastic string.

5) Try to play a game of Chinese Whispers but the words must have something to do with pirates. e.g Scrub the floor and clean the deck, Land Ahoy get ready matee's, Aar! I'm captain blue-beard of the seven sees etc.

6) Play a game of pirate limbo.

7) Make a pirate themed obstacle course. For walking the plank you can use a long beam. You could make some tombstones with cardboard to jump over, use a table to make a Pirate Ship which the kids can run over or around. Time each child to find the winner.

We hope that these pirate party ideas and games have been helpful, and good luck with you pirate party!

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