Pokemon Birthday Cards

Pokemon Birthday Cards - Sayings and Quotes

Message 1 - Ash: If anybody's out there, you can come out. And if you're a monster or a ghost, you can stay where you are

Message 2 - I'll take a quote from Ash's Mom. "Don't forget to change, your you know what everyday!"

Message 3 - We a found a Cakemon for your birthday! I hope you like it!

Message 4 - You can be the greatest pokÈmon trainer...the greatest pokÈmon master...of all time!

Message 5 - Is it your birthday or have you just evolved into a primape!

Message 6 - Pikachu told me it's your birthday! Wishing you a thundershock, lightning attack day, with lots of fun and excitement.

Message 7 - I wanna breed like you! I mean I wanna be a breeder like you! I mean...your Vulpix is nice..." --Brock

Message 8 - Pikachu gave us a shock, when he reminded us it was your birthday!

Message 9 - Pika Peeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Message 10 - Pika, pika pika, chu, pika chu, peeee ka, picachu

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