Pokemon Party Games & Ideas

Are you ready for some fabulous pokemon party games.... look below!

1) The kids could make some poke'balls out of ping-pong balls by coloring them in with red and black pens.

2) First go to pokemon.com and check out the pokedex. This has a list of all the pokemon. Next, make some cards with some Pokemon characters and put their evolved form on separate cards. You should make a copy of each of the cards - one pile of cards for each team. The aim of the game is for each team to correctly match each pokemon with its evolved form. Give a time limit, say 5 minutes to try and match as many as possible.

3) Play the game of charades but use pokemon instead. The child cannot talk just use noises and actions and the other kids have to guess which pokemon it is. Have a list handy in case no one can guess it. If the kids are finding it hard, the instructor is then allowed to answer only yes or no questions.

You might like to print one of these Pokemon Birthday Cards found below:

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