Scooby Doo Party Ideas

Try these Scooby doo party ideas and games at your next birthday party! Have fun!

1) Wrap the Mummy up with Toilet paper. 2 groups of kids get a toilet roll each. The aim is the wrap someone in the group with toilet paper faster than the other group. Fastest Group wins!

2) Set out a bunch of items on a table (try and get as many different things as possible). Get the kids to view all the items and memorize what they are. Then take the kids off to another activity. When they finish there, invite them back to the crime scene, where someone has stolen 10 of the items. Hand a piece of paper to each kid and see who can remember what the 10 items are. Prizes for the most correct answers.

3) Play a Scooby Doo Scavenger Hunt, using clues to point to the next location.

4) Play a game of Ware-wolf tag. Where those caught turn into Ware wolfs as well and can catch more victims.

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