Sesame Street Party Ideas

Here are some fantastic Sesame Street Party Ideas listed below.

1) You will need a rubber duck toy for each guest. Put a number on each duck and have a corresponding prize for each number. Fill up a large bucket or toy pool with water. When the child catches the duck with a net or a spoon or some sort of fishing rod - they can get the prize they have won.

2) Hold a cookie Monster Cookie Jar Guessing Game. Put a toy on top perhaps a cookie monster toy. The kid who guesses the closest number of cookies gets to win the toy on top. Cookies can then be used for snacks for the rest of the party.

3) Hold a trash throwing competition by making Oscars trash can with some cardboard and put a picture of Oscar on the front. Give teams different colored trash by pre-painting some scrunched up newspapers. The team with the most trash in the can are the winners.

4) Play a game of Pin the Cookie on the Cookie Monster!

5) When you start the party you can say: This party is brought to you by the letter (first letter of the birthday boy/girl) and the number (his/her new age) Then later hold a fun game where the kids have to find the letter ... and the number... You will need to make some numbers and letters with cardboard and hide them around the house. Tell the kids to look around places which start with that letter. Come back once there all found and then count all the number and letters.

You might want to use one of these Elmo birthday cards seen below. click on the birthday card to view and print.

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