Space Party Ideas and Games

Take a look below at these great Space Party Ideas for your space themed birthday party!

1) This game can be quite messy. Draw a big picture of the Earth on a large card board sheet or a piece of material. Hand the sheet up so that it has something solid behind it. Make some paint bombs by getting a bucket of paint and dipping pieces of cut up sponge into it. These will become the asteroids. You can use different colors if you want. If you draw some things on the Earth such as your country or your house, or the birthday boy/girl. The kids will have fun aiming and throwing the asteroids at the different targets. Give points for each target they can hit. In the end you will have a wonderful Muriel of the Earth destroyed by asteroids and the birthday kid will be able to keep for memories.

2) Hold an Astronaut relay. First you will need to make a quick Astronaut costume that is identical for both teams. It should be easy to put on and take off. The game is that each person needs to put on the Astronaut costume and then run around and obstacle and back to the team where the next member has to put the costume on. When the team finishes they must all say at once 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 - Blast Off! The first team off to space is the winner.

3) Make a bunch of moon rocks by spray painting them white or silver. You can hide all the rocks around the yard. Give each card a moon rock sack. Then have a race to see who can collect the most moon rocks. Extra points for the biggest rock, the smallest rock, the smoothest rock etc etc.

4) Invite the kids to make space ships or aliens out of paddle pop sticks and matchsticks using p.v.a glue.

You may want to use a Space Birthday Card from the selection below. Click the card to view and print.

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