Space Theme Birthday Party - Alien Card

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Alien Birthday Card Messages and Quotes

Message 1 - I hope your birthday is out of this world!

Message 2 – Happy Birthday Earthling!!!

Message 3 – Happy Birthday my intergalactic friend. Save some cake for me!!!

Message 4 - Wish you many years to come, to infinity and beyond!!!

Message 5 - That intelligent creatures exist in outer space is proven by the fact that they have not contacted us.

Message 6 - The aliens have landed! It's distressing, but they're here. They piloted their flying saucer through our atmosphere. Their hands are greasy tentacles. Their heads are weird machines. Their bodies look like cauliflower and smell like dead sardines. Be careful where you go today! Be careful what you do! Cause aliens are clever creatures, abducting me and you!!! Happy Birthday

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