Spongebob Party Games

You will find some great Spongebob Party Games and Ideas written below for you convenience.

1) You will need 4 buckets of water and 2 sponges. This game requires 2 teams lined up side by side. Team mates should stand 2-3 arm lengths away from each other. Put one bucket at one end of the team and another bucket at the other end of the team. One bucket will have a sponge and water in it, the other will be empty. The aim of the game is to fill the empty bucket to the top before the other team does. Teams must pass or throw the sponge to next member in line. Have fun!

2) Play a game of Sponge Wars, where the driest survivor is the winner. Instructions to the Party Game: Sponge Wars

3) Invite the kids to work up a sweat in a game of Crabs Vs Fishermen. Crabs Vs Fishermen Party Game

Below is a cool Spongebob Birthday Card you might like to give someone for their birthday. click on the card to view and print it.

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