Star Wars Birthday Card

1. Message: Cute - The clone wars are coming! Let us prepare, young Jedi! Ready your cake, prepare the food and drinks! Let us have a blast! Happy birthday!

2. Poem: inspirational -

Let us remember how darkness
Enslaves the weak soul, how
Anger weakens resolve, and how
Loss of faith is the beginning
Of the journey towards redemption.

You are brave and you are strong,
May the Force be with you, Happy Birthday!

3. Message: inspirational - You see, my child, the power lies not in how well you swing your saber, but in the goodness in your heart, and in the strength of your resolve. Happy birthday, and may the force be with you.

4. Wish: cute - Hello there, young Jedi! Today is a special day for you, today you have grown taller, stronger, older and wiser. Get the food and drinks ready, it’s time to celebrate! Happy birthday young Jedi, may the force be with you!