Teenage Birthday Party Games

Please look below for some great Teenage Birthday Party Games. The teens at your party will have a lot of fun with these fantastic games! Whether it's your 13th, 16th or 18th birthday... you will need games that are cool, silly and wild! These games are great for the indoors as well as the outdoors and can be adapted to fit the theme of your party!

Hold a Beauty Contest

Operation Egg Drop Party Game

Cheek Relay Party Game

Chocolate Cut Party Game

Dress Up Relay Party Game

Evening Dress Party Game

Follow the Leader Party Game

Dessert Party Game

Frozen Tshirt Contest

Gift Wrapping Contest

Laughing Love Party Game

The Human Knot Party Game

Get to Know You Party Game

Movie Trivia Party Game

Murder Mystery Party Game

Panic Word Party Game

Kissing Party Game

Water Balloons Party Game

Watermelon Party Game (pool party game)

Celebrity Party Game

They say that the teen years are the golden ages of life. You can only be a teenager once, so make the most of these great years and party hard! All games are printable from home. Hope that you find what you looking for and feel free to add a comment, idea or a message to myself on the 'contact me' page!

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