Transformers Birthday Party Card

Transformers Birthday Party Card Quotes and Messages

Message 1 - "It is a day so long in coming I am uncertain how to celebrate it." "Perhaps... a quiet chuckle.""Very well then. Let us... chuckle."

Message 2 - Optimus: It's just you and me now, Megatron. Megatron: No. There is only me, Prime!

Message 3 - Happy Birthday! And awaaaaay we go!

Message 4 - Spike: "Dad, it's like you taught me. You never quit on the ones you love." Brawn: "Mushy... but true."

Message 5 - Megatron: "Any last words, Prime?" Optimus: "None that you'd wanna hear, Megatron."

Message 6 - That cake of yours is autonomic perfection! It'll be evaporated perfection if you don't go and eat soon!

Message 7 - If the Insecticons had brains they'd be dangerous! Heh heh!" Megatron

Message 8 - Movie Quote - I've got better things to do tonight than die! (springer)

Message 9 - "For a time I considered sparing your wretched planet... but now, you shall witness its dismemberment!" Unicron, The Movie

Message 10 - Aren't you sick and tired of being responsible for the welfare of the entire universe and its outlying suburbs! It's your birthday, today the world looks after you!

Message 11 - You shouldn't care if the entire EARTH explodes! You can always relocate.

Message 12 - Decepticons! Feast your eyes on your new leader! Megatron has gone to lunch. You're the leader now!

Message 13 - Humans are disgusting creatures, but worthy of study... if only to discover a better way of destroying them.

Message 14 - I say we pulvaronorize the Autobots! I say we pulveronerize 'em!

Message 15 - The battle may be over. But the party has just begun. Have a heroic birthday!

Message 16 - Conquering the universe. One birthday at a time. Wishing you a day that totally rules! Have a heroic birthday!

Message 17 - A special intergalactic message from the Decepticons: All systems go for an all-day awesome birthday!

Message 18 - Have a blast on your birthday!

Message 19 - Hope you have the best birthday in the universe. You're out of this world kid!

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