UFC Birthday Card

1. Poem: inspirational -

When you enter the Octagon,
All you have is yourself,
Your bad-ass skills and a whole world of pain.
Fighting isn’t an art, fighting is fighting
No matter which way you look at it.
And no matter how many times
You take a hit, or bleed, or bruise,
Remember, you ain’t in the ring to lose!

Happy birthday!

2. Message: inspirational - You work your butt off each day. You learn to fight, you learn to survive, but most of all, you learn how to get up more times than you fall. That’s what’s attitude is all about. Happy birthday, buddy!

3. Wish: cute - Hey, no matter how your opponent jiu-jitsus, black belt martial arts, or wrestles you, think straight, find your focus and go for that one shot kill, ‘cause most of time, that’s all that matters. Fight hard, party harder! Happy birthday!

4. Message - You know, there’s only once chance to fall, but countless times to succeed. Hold your head up, play it right and I’m pretty sure you’ll make it! Happy birthday, buddy!