Wrestling Birthday Card

Wrestling Poem

Some have fought without skills,
But none have fought without pride.
When you’re in the right, you face your man
Eye to eye, the bell rings, the fight begins,
And then in ends
In a world of pain, or in a dynasty of glory!

Happy birthday, muscle man!

Wrestling Message

Hey there my strong man! It’s time for some partying and fun! I’ve had the ring set, the cake sliced and the food ready, it’s time to rumble! First one to tap out cleans up after! Just kidding, happy birthday!

Wrestling Wish

I’m wishing you, on your rockin’ birthday, loads of fun and laughs. And no matter how many times you may stumble or fall or tap out, always remember that what matters most is how many times you stand after you fall. Happy birthday!

Wrestling Message

Yow muscle man! Stand up, show him what you’ve got! Get ready to rumble, ‘coz when the bell rings and the crowd roars, it’s time to face the music! Happy birthday!